ADHD For Smartass Women with Tracy Otsuka

ADHD For Smartass Women with Tracy Otsuka

After my combined type (inattentive and hyperactive) ADHD diagnosis, I discovered a podcast for ADHD called ADHD for Smartass Women.  The name of the podcast reeled me in, but what I discovered was so much more than I expected.  I found the episodes to be informative, funny, endearing, dynamic, and REAL.  Tracy's episodes take a thorough look at ADHD as a whole, and not just in women, in all people of all ages. I BINGED her episodes.  I even made my husband, Ben, listen to them.  He would shake his head in agreement anytime Tracy or one of her guests said something that reminded him of me (or one of my ADHD quirks).

Tracy has ADHD herself and has had a very successful life as a clothing line owner (at Neiman Marcus), attorney, and now ADHD coach/podcaster/so much more!  She is inspirational to say the least.  She helped me identify how ADHD is not ALL BAD, and that it comes with certain "superpowers" like intuition, drive, calm under pressure, and so much more.

So, when I recently came across a copy of my Grandfather's Holocaust escape journal, it suddenly hit me that many of the details he wrote about in his journal were possible indicators of him having ADHD. I knew instantly that I had to send the journal to Tracy.  To my surprise, she contacted me immediately and invited me to share the circumstances around my ADHD diagnoses, and to read his escape journal on her show.  You can listen to the episode here:

Episode 197: A Gripping Holocaust Story with Renee Grewe - Tracy Otsuka

By the way, here are some of her other episodes that I found to be the most informative on the subject of ADHD after I was diagnosed:

Episode 2: ADHD, The Facts, The Symptoms And The Advantages of ADHD - Tracy Otsuka

Episode 3: Kids And ADHD, Why Their Journey Is Important To You - Tracy Otsuka

If you listen, please drop a comment below and let me know what you think!  Have a great weekend, and thanks for reading :)


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This podcast was not only interesting & insightful, it was a great example of human strength and endurance despite the obstacles that were at times unbearable, plans were thought out, executed & accomplished, and life became brighter despite the darkness that attempted to steal your Grandfathers light & thousands of others, he persevered , & now we have you Renee giving others glimmer of hope when things may feel at times heavy and dark to remind us we still have abilities and no one can steal this unique light and inner torch of human motivation to make it through inner self doubts and outline personal goals!


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