Handling Conflicts with Others

Handling Conflicts with Others

Look, am I the most attractive woman in the world?  No.

Am I the smartest?  No

But do I have the best personality?

Also no.  But I DO occasionally have some good advice to share, and hopefully this is one of those times.

I listen to a lot of podcasts that tell you how to deal with negative, narcissistic, or just plain difficult people.  This week I got to practice what I have learned in a real-life situation:

I was cornered into a situation where I had the choice to engage in a heated argument with a person that damaged my personal property for the second time (but refused to assume responsibility), or to remain calm and de-escalate the situation.  Even though this person was gaslighting me, blame shifting, refusing to take accountability for her actions, attempting to intimidate me, etc., I chose to let her throw her tantrum in her own little personal snow globe.  I stated the facts and left emotion out of it; "you damaged my property (twice now) and then acted like nothing happened, showed zero remorse, and then got angry with me when I started to do the right thing for me which was to file a claim so that my personal property could be repaired."  When this person kept talking in circles and I was unable to walk away from her I just rolled up my car window so that I would no longer have to hear her and to end the conflict.  Of course, she was upset that I was not going to tolerate her verbal diarrhea, but the conflict ended anyway.  Afterwards, I was applauded by a witness for how I handled the situation in a way that was calm and respectful even though it was not being reciprocated.  

This is something I wrote recently that I feel is appropriate to share and is reflective of Thrice Exceptional's mission:



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Have a great week!




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